When a Homeowner Might Need to Call an Air Quality Consultant

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When a Homeowner Might Need to Call an Air Quality Consultant

20 May 2016
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The air quality inside your home is very important for your overall health and comfort; pollutants, allergens, and other irritants can bother your lungs and interfere with your breathing. The quality of the air inside your home can also alert you to health hazards that you might otherwise overlook. Note when a homeowner would do well to call an air quality consultant and what their testing can tell you.

1. When breathing problems won't go away

If you have asthma or any shortness of breath, a hacking cough, or other such breathing problems, of course you want to see your doctor. However, if these problems persist even after a medical exam, you might want to get the air in your home tested. It may not be that your lungs are bad but your home may be holding mold spores or other irritants. You may also be especially sensitive to dust or cigarette smoke and may not realize that your home is trapping these substances inside. If you've seen your doctor but your breathing problems are still an issue, have the air quality tested and discuss the results with your doctor so you know if an air filter might be helpful.

2. After any damage to any gas appliance

If your gas water heater, stove, or fireplace has suffered any type of damage, you don't want to assume that you can simply repair that damage and then be done with it. There may have been a gas leak in the home that you cannot smell, and that gas may be trapped inside. Not only is this dangerous but it can be very harmful to your health. Always have the air tested after such appliances have been repaired so you know your home and your lungs are safe, or if more cleanup is needed.

3. When a new freeway or production facility is installed near the home

A new roadway and especially one with heavy traffic or a new production facility near your home can mean heavy pollutants that get trapped indoors. You may even have an air filter already, but it's not strong enough or the right type to capture all the fumes and emissions from these outside factors. An air quality test from a professional like Air Quality Consulting can tell you if your home is capturing these irritants and even the type of irritants, so you can upgrade to a new or better air filter and breathe more comfortably.