Avoid A Kitchen Nightmare In Your Restaurant By Using These Commercial Cleaning Services

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Avoid A Kitchen Nightmare In Your Restaurant By Using These Commercial Cleaning Services

10 September 2014
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Owning a restaurant puts you in charge of everything from the menu to hiring trustworthy staff. One of the many tasks that you may pass on to your employees is cleaning. You can have your employees clean at the end of the day, but there are some tasks that should be tackled by a commercial cleaning company at least once a month. Before you continue letting your employees handle this task, consider what commercial cleaners can do for your restaurant.

Tile Cleaning

The tile in a commercial kitchen can be incredibly dangerous when grease and other food particles build up. During the week, you employees can mop and scrub the floor, but on the weekends a commercial cleaning service can do more. The service can apply an industrial degreaser which will strip the floor of any impurities or build-ups. This makes it safer for your employees and prevents slips and falls due to built-up grease.

Carpet Cleaning

You can vacuum the dining area carpets between every shift, but you will still have spills and stains that occur and are difficult to remove. Red wine, coffee, and tomato-based stains can be removed easily through professional carpet cleaning services. You can choose between steam cleaning or a dry chemical cleaning option depending on your personal preferences and the time you have for the carpet to dry.

Bacteria Removal

There are various areas, other than the dish-washing area, that can build up bacteria. Heat and water are breeding grounds for various forms of bacteria and the cleaning service can focus on these areas. They will perform a deep cleaning that removes bacteria from between cooking equipment, behind cabinets, and anywhere near the cooking area. This ensures the food is safe and that no bacteria is spreading in the kitchen, causing issues with food or health safety.

High Touch Surfaces

High touch surfaces are the areas in your front of house that show off paintings, lights, or various wall art. You want these areas, as well as the top of doorways, touched up and cleaned. A cleaning service can provide this service and ensure that all the areas are dust free and have no dust or debris building up. It's a final touch to make the restaurant look as good as it did on opening day.

These services are traditional cleaning techniques that are taken to a higher level through using a commercial cleaning service. The service can do it faster that your employees and offer a much deeper cleaning option that your employees can. When you are ready to hire a service, contact a local commercial service for a consultation.