2 Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Skip Bin Hire

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2 Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Skip Bin Hire

23 September 2014
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If you're doing any type of construction, remodeling, or demolition work on your property you'll want to consider a skip bin hire. This is an easy way to ensure you have all your trash removed quickly, easily, and safely. Typically a home renovation project creates too much waste to be put in your regular trash bins, and in some areas this is also illegal, and you could face heavy fines from your city.

Before you choose a skip bin hire, consider the following. This will ensure you use your skip bin properly and understand what is involved in its hire.

1. Ensure that you get the right size of skip bin for your job

Too often when a homeowner considers a skip bin hire they choose the smallest bin possible in order to save money. This can result in the bin needing to be emptied before the job is done, or the bin being too full. This in turn can result in additional fees from the skip bin company.

Note that skip bins are measured in cubic meters, and this measurement is the same as a standard trailer. In other words, if you think your rubbish will fit two standard trailers, you need a bin that is two cubic meters. This skip bin measurement is also four times that of a wheelie bin; if you think your rubbish will fit four wheelie bins, you need a skip bin that is one cubic meter.

Ask your salesperson for help in determining the size as they may be familiar with how many bins are needed for a new roof or room demolition. It's also good to ask if there are any extra fees for an additional emptying of your bin or if it's overflowing so you know what to expect if you create more rubbish than expected.

2. Ask if there are materials that you cannot put in the skip bin or should keep separate

Very often a skip bin hire will not allow you to add household chemicals, car tires, batteries, paint, cleaning fluids and even mattresses to the skip bin as these cannot be put in landfills. However, some skip bin hire companies will allow you to separate some materials and put them in a second bin for disposal.

For example, you may be able to put mattresses and old carpeting in a separate bin and these will be disposed of away from your other trash. You might incur a second fee for these items, but this can be worth it if it means being able to dispose of them. It's also good to check on materials you cannot dispose of as you may face a fee if they're found in your skip bin, so it's best to avoid adding them in the first place.

Remember these two tips before you choose a skip bin hire, like with Cheap Skip Bins. This will help you to choose the best bins for your job and ensure you use them properly.