Various kinds of machines you can use in a tree removal process

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Various kinds of machines you can use in a tree removal process

23 January 2017
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When it comes to removing or felling trees from your land, you should ensure that you do not destroy the land and the surrounding vegetation. Removing trees is a tricky process that does not only depend on the knowledge you have on removing trees but the appropriate removal machine. This will guarantee that the process will be properly done. It is important to ensure that you have all the required machines before you begin the tree removal process to make sure it will be successful. These machines will assist you in various processes such as logging, landing, and transporting the removed trees. The following are the most popular machines used to remove trees and should give you an idea of what kind of machine you should use:

Feller Buncher

One of the most popular machines used in the removal of trees is the feller buncher. This machine is specifically designed to be used in the logging of trees. It is power-driven with a cutting element that is used to cut and arrange trees after cutting them down. The element consists of a shear or a circular saw that rapidly cuts through the trees. It then arranges the trees for either a forwarder or a skidder for more processing activities such as chipping, bucking, or loading.


Another useful machine in the tree removal process is a forwarder. A forwarder is a mobile machine that is specifically used to carry felled trees from the removal point to a landing point. This machine is used by numerous people to lift trees, clear off its removal point, which significantly reduces soil impacts. However, this limits the size of the trees it can carry. It is used together with harvester machines in various logging operations.


A delimber is a unique machine used in the tree removal process. It is purposely designed to remove the branches from a felled tree. There are several types of delimbers such as pull through, gate, chain fail, stroke and slideboom delimbers. Others like the stroke delimber can also be used to remove the limbs of the tree and cut it into logs.  


A skidder is another useful machine used in the tree removal process. It used to pull felled trees. This process is known as skidding, which entails the transportation of felled trees from their removal site to the landing site. There are several types of skidder machines such as the grapple, clambunk, and line skidder.  


A harvester is an important machine used in the tree removal, as it designed to cut trees to the desired length. It is also used for bucking and delimbing trees. It works simultaneously with a forwarder, which is used to transport the logs to the landing site.