How to Keep Pool Heating Costs Affordable

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How to Keep Pool Heating Costs Affordable

8 January 2018
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The cost of heating your pool can be kept affordable in several ways. Read on and learn some of those ways to ensure that the heater will work efficiently.

Heater Type Matters 

The first step towards ensuring that your pool heater will work efficiently and cost-effectively is by selecting the best type of heater for your application. For example, it may be unwise for you to buy an air source heat pump for an indoor pool. This is because the heater will struggle to extract sufficient heat from the limited air within the indoor environment. Ground-source pool heat pumps may, therefore, be a better option for an indoor pool.

Proper Sizing

The pool heater's efficiency and cost of operation may also depend on how appropriately it was sized for a given application. Small pool heaters may consume more energy to bring the pool water to the desired temperature if the pool is sizeable. On the other hand, larger pool heaters will consume larger amounts of energy than would have been necessary for the type or size of the pool that you own. It is therefore wise to consult an expert when selecting a pool heater so that you can pick the right size for your needs.

Professional Installation

Pool heater efficiency is also related to how well that heating system was installed. Make use of professionals during the installation process so that you avoid some of the pitfalls that can cause your pool heater to operate inefficiently. For example, the professional will be able to select the most appropriately ventilated location so that your air-source heat pump can work efficiently.

Pool Covers

You can also keep the cost of heating your swimming pool affordable by investing in a high-quality pool cover. Surface evaporation makes a significant contribution to heat loss from any swimming pool. Addressing this loss can enable you to save the energy that would have been needed to reheat the water to restore it to the desired temperature. Make sure that the cover that you buy has thermal retention capabilities because not all covers are designed for this role.

Each type of pool heater may have specific techniques that are geared towards keeping its operating costs affordable. Talk to pool experts about the particular heating system that you wish to install so that they can share the specific measures that you will need to implement to enjoy the benefits of that pool heater without breaking the bank as you use or maintain that heater.